5 Basic mistakes made by businesses in their website design

Programming experts, coders and web designers guarantee your website design success…Yes? Language experts and graphic designers are not alone to guarantee a website web design that will definitely work for you because there’s something else that is more important than coding and developing.  It needs a site to be smooth, light weight and interactive and of course, a professional website designing company.

Most often, web designers leave the aesthetics and sense of presentation at bay before thinking how the site would be received by the viewer.

Insight into unprofessional web designing ethics:

There are many designers who despite of creativity and a good content fail to get credible business to your site and this practice is nothing less than novice.

Let us know the 5 crucial mistakes that they must avoid to do well:

1). Information crowding

Just to fill the whole webpage with too much information makes it a no-show because visitors get irritated by excessive links, lengthy scrolling and an overdose of irrelevant content, hence leaving immediately!

Some sites do have detailed information that cannot be avoided but to cram up a home page is not the solution.  Instead, it can kept precise and to the point.  However, since visitors don’t spend more than 2 minutes on a site, you can attach a downloadable file that contains every vital point you need for the reader.

2). Bad colors….Good?

Do you still use bad color combination and feel its perfect? Using the wrong colors or contrasts will tarnish your brand image and also viewer interest.  With that, also be precarious about fonts and graphics and using very small fonts or unexpectedly larger ones for a website is not a good idea.

Think like a reader and design as per his taste and not your understanding.  Think about convenience, readability and the comfort of reading because it’s not you at the end who will read your site.  In fact, both colors and fonts are the important aspect of a good website.

3). Dismal Navigation

If you believe that giving too much information via excess links and URL on all sides of the page will complete the site without even giving it a bad impression, then you are miserably wrong.  Yes, because too many links on a site make it unprofessional and people think it’s a fake one.

The idea is to not cram your site like a third world information.  You need not advertise your page like a box full of assortments but make it more presentable, beautiful and pro because visitors like the site to be informative and not rustic.  Visitors don’t need to be given too many links on one site rather there should be minimum ones to allow users the freedom to move on the site without distraction.  Commonly websites have 5-6 pages of information and that’s all the relevant one you could have in a good website.

4). Dearth of communication:

Creating a site is not merely for display.  If a user likes your response on a particular subject and you have no Call to action, then don’t expect that your site’s viewership will increase.  This will avoid people to come again.

Even though your site rocks, the solution is to give only valuable information to users.  If you miss out on your sales followed by a stronger call to action, you will definitely also lose sales.  So you mean to have an active call to action for a website’s long life.

5). Messy Registration Forms

Complicated registration forms are a disadvantage to the site owner because a reader hardly contributes a few minutes to the total site.  Forcing him to fill extensive forms will make him quit.

Short and simple forms are better that can be easy for the visitor to share his information without hesitance.  But registration is not necessary on advertising sites and it spoils the purpose of having a website.  But the solution calls for total commitment to website making and its promotion.  jeewangarg.com is an expert of website design company in Delhi, India.  Such digital market companies can prove to be excellent in helping your business get the promotion it deserves on your website and make your website successful!

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