6 Spiritual Apps to Nourish the Soul

Very often people think technology and spiritualism don’t mix. But that cannot be further from the truth. Religion or spiritualism and technology do not have to be enemies. Here are some apps for Android, iOS and Windows phones that will nourish your soul.

No matter what religion you belong to, you can be a Muslim, Christian, Jew or Atheist. You can benefit from these apps. Take a break from the busy humdrum of life and turn towards inner peace.

Here are six amazing spiritual apps recommend to us by Richard Querrey.

The Bible

The Bible is a comprehensive and free app. It is exactly what it looks like, a Bible app. You have the entire scripture of Christianity in your palms. Not only that, there are Bible translations available in more than 400 languages and all the versions of the Bible are also recorded.

You can also download the texts and listen to audios. The Bible is the most comprehensive app out there on the subject. It is a must-have if you want to learn about Biblical stories and histories.

Church Caster Lite

Church Caster Lite is a podcasting app that features sermons and inspirational speeches by various speakers from all across the globe. Users can also interact with other users via live chat room feature. They can initiate discussions. Users can also download various scriptural quotes as well.

TWR 360

Trans World Radio is a renowned Christian ministry and TWR 360 is their recently launched app. The app features great wealth of literature on Christendom and various Christian resources such as radio programs, podcasts, videos and articles in a variety of languages.

Various ministries from around the world partake in their podcasts and live shows.


Missio is a very special app for it was blessed at its launch in 2013 by the Pope Francis himself. The Missio is an app focused on Catholic news, views, ideologies and concerns. Missio brings news and articles from prominent Catholic outlets such as FIDES, the Vatican News Agency and the Catholic News Agency.

The ultimate goal is to keep all the Catholics united and informed about the various happenings in the Catholic Church whilst teaching everything a thing or two about Christianity.

Pocket Torah

Pocket Torah is hugely successful app created with the funding of Jewish New Media Innovation Fund. The Pocket Torah app is just like it sounds; a Torah in your pocket. You can learn the weekly Torah and Haftarah for free – and you can do it whenever you want.

The app includes original Hebrew text as well as the English translation. You can also listen to the audio by tapping on each verse.


We all lose direction from time to time but if you are a Muslim and you have to pray then knowing the location of Kabaah in Mecca is your ultimate concern. This can be very difficult if you are in an unfamiliar location. So how to find the direction of the Kabaah?

You guessed it; there is an app for that. iSalam (or its Android version is called Qibla Finder) is a free app that connects with the phone’s GPS and allows you to pinpoint the direction of the Kabaah.

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