9 Recommended Mobile Apps for Legal Needs

In the era of technology, lawyers and legal authorities rely on apps and other tech tools. These days, lawyers are using tablets, laptops, personal computer, and mobile phones to get the work done. Everyday tasks such as searching for information and time-keeping can be done with gadgets now.

Legal profession relies heavily on apps these days to get the work done completely. Being able to work quickly and efficiently on phone is a major win. Below are some of the best legal apps for both lawyers and clients:

Ask a Lawyer: Legal Help

This app offers everyday people the ability to get preliminary legal advice from attorneys free of charge. Users can message attorneys via the application and also chat live. For lawyers, the app represents an opportunity to screen potential clients, and it could replace the free consultation many lawyers offer prospective clients.

Negotiation 360º

This app will help lawyers to improve their negotiating skills. Harvard Business School professor Michael Wheeler created Negotiation 360º and it aims to make you a better negotiator. It records and analyzes data on your negotiations, including self-evaluations. The app is an analytics tool for discovering your strengths and problem-solving style, and finding where you can improve your next negotiation.

Picture It Settled

The app is using predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and deep data to forecast the course and outcome of a negotiation as well as the time and amount of the settlement. Picture It Settled uses data from thousands of cases to predict the outcome of negotiation with high degree of accuracy.


This app is like a directory that will help potential clients to lawyers and vice versa. LawZam includes videoconferencing, so both parties can see each other before they agree to do business. This app is free for both lawyers and clients because the app is designed to make money from advertising.


You can get instant legal aid by uploading a picture of your case using the BernieSez app. This includes traffic ticket or DUI. Along with the photo, fill in basic information like offense code, state, county, city, officer’s comments, ticket number, and more. Upon completion, a lawyer will assess your case and will keep in touch regarding their fees. You can view the profile, prices, and client reviews for a particular lawyer. Moreover, you can chat with the lawyer and receive instant answers to your queries. It also allows lawyers to search for particular cases and bid for those they are interested in.

Black’s Law Dictionary by Thomson Reuters

This online dictionary provides hyper linking cross-references that allows you to quickly click to related terms, as well as providing audio pronunciations for legal terminology.


This is a tool that helps you filter the important stuff you need to read on social media in relation with legal matters and laws such as family law and criminal law. With Feedly, you can streamline the content monitoring and social shares to avoid missing a case or trending topic. You can systematize the relevant content into streams, gather articles with tags, and share them easily across social media and separate accounts.


Go paperless for your depositions. AgileLaw lets you run a deposition without printed documents and just using your device. This app is free but you need to register an AgileLaw account.


This app is for legal practice management. It is cloud-based legal practice management solution that allows lawyers to take practice while on the go. It will allow you to access your client data securely, anywhere, anytime. With the Clio mobile app, you can track time, view client information, create new matters and contacts, and more. It also integrates with many of the other apps on this list, practicing law from one place to another.

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