Top 5 audio visual technologies used in business events

The audio visual technology landscape has immense attraction for the live event clients because of its impressive demonstration and dynamic blend of AV technology. But it exceed the expectations after introducing the more cool and appealing audiovisual technology trends. Today, the major challenge is to ensure the best utilization of the AV technology when you are going to follow this approach. The event strategies are changing with the rise of technology but you must deliver the latest AV trends to captivate your audience and visitors throughout the event. Connect with your competitors to know about the top A/V trends and pick those audio visual brands what your rivals are using for their events. The business moguls are always searching for new AV toys to rule over the other brands and asking for new tech discovers for future events such as virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Read on the some major audiovisual trends that make your event an appealing and successful.

3D Projection Mapping:

Today, 3D projection mapping is essential element for the vibrant and dynamic environs at the events. Typically, projection mapping has been limited to flat surfaces around a room to create vivacious images and digital ornamentation. But these days, it has changed to assimilating architectural components such as set craft structures and pieces. These architectural elements or surfaces give the spectacular and dynamic video display that can attract the clients without any effort.

Atmosphere Screens:

HD screens plays an important role to heighten the length of the event with its vibrant high resolution. These screen are the attraction point of any event particularly in museums, brand launch and theme park. Giant LED video walls do the math of engaging audience from the very distant places in the event. Because they are fixed at a very reasonable height and are of huge resolution, video walls can be seen from quite a distance. Event managers can show a simplistic gestures of emotion such as showing pictures of newly arrived audience or also can show some promotional content about the company.

Real time data collection:

Gone are the days when people used traditional technology for viewing the vibrant images and videos. Event professionals take advantages of the addiction of the people for technology and capture their data in real time. Display screens, new application can be incorporated with interactive screens, iPads and event booths are all AV solutions that give you the feedback of the audience during the event. The audio visual professionals recommend the event agencies to track and capture data of the attendees in a more natural and intuitive way. You can use near-field-communication technology for survey that also provide you the chance of gamification.

Holographic Presentations:

Holograms are a blend of a lot of existing and new technologies and ultimately give your client an astonishing visual treat 3D effects. The content creators can mix the holographic, live, animate content to deliver and give you tempting and mesmeric 3D experience.  This rebooted technology will enable you to change the basic PowerPoint presentation to the immersive and enthralling presentation by enhancing the sound, staging and lighting.

Live AR:

Virtual Reality has electrified the film industry when it comes to content experimentation. This technology is used for sales simulation for new business by engaging the clients. Augmented reality is an intriguing substitute because audience and visitors share their AR experience with other people and spread it live on all their social media profiles. Using live AR method that incorporates the real world with a virtual reality for an event is much more encouraging.


These technologies have been seen in sports and entertainment world these days. These technology will boost your event and give your client a unique experiences with above technologies. If you want to implement these AV technologies for your next event or conferences then iPad rental for corporate events is a perfect option for you. So are you ready to stun your clients with the latest audio visual technologies at your next event?

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