First aid USMLE step 1 Free Download- US Medical Licensing Exam complete guide:

First Aid USMLE Step 1 pdf is the first part of the US Medical Licensing Exam. Medical students or graduates can apply important concepts from the fundamental basic sciences to the practice of medicine. Students, who want to get a license to practice medicine in the United States, are following up. Stage 1 at the end of the second year of medicine. Graduates of international medical schools also need to go to Step 1 if they want to practice in the United States. Graduates of international medical schools must apply via ECFMG.

So, you are wondering how to get a high score on the first aid USMLE Step 1 exam? Anything is possible in this world if you have the passion and dedication to reach your goal. For those who are not aware, the First Aid USMLE Step 1 of 2018, 28th edition is the most popular book in the world when it comes to preparing for the exam. United States medical license. It offers unparalleled content quality with an unmatched collection of more than 1300 must-have facts and USMLE technical terms designed to help you optimize your exam preparation. Today, we will share with you first aid USMLE Step 1 PDF in free download.

The exam will consist of eight-hour of the computerized test in one day. It consists of seven sections of 40 questions with a maximum of 280 multiple-choice questions. An hour will be scheduled for every section. It allows an average of one minute and thirty seconds to answer a single question. Between test sections, the candidate will be award 45 cumulative minutes for personal breaks. If the taker ends a section before the time limit of one hour. The unused time will be added to the total pause time.

Why study first aid USMLE step 1 pdf?

Step 1 is designed to test the knowledge acquired during the basic science years of the School of Medicine applied in the form of clinical vignettes. This includes anatomy, behavioral science, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology, as well as interdisciplinary areas such as genetics, aging, immunology, nutrition and Molecular and cellular biology. Epidemiology, medical ethics and questions about empathy are also highlighted. The exam is generated dynamically for each candidate. While the overall proportion of questions derived from a particular subject is the same.

Here’s why this is the ultimate USMLE Step 1 review:

  • All subject areas revised based on feedback from thousands of students
    • Reviewed by nationally known USMLE instructor to ensure accuracy and relevance
    • Hundreds of full-color illustrations clarify essential concepts and improve retention
    • Valuable rapid-review section for last-minute cramming
    • Detailed test-taking strategies to maximize your study time
    • The expanded guide to high-yield USMLE Step 1 review resources, including mobile apps

Now, you will be able to access the First Aid USMLE Step 1 PDF using our direct links mentioned at the end of this article. As part of our promise to readers, we have downloaded a copy of this book from our online deposit to ensure an uninterrupted download of the USMLE First Aid Exam.


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