Four Myths About The Law Of Attraction

The concept of law of attraction got famous about a decade back and the same is much practised today, within the last 2 years it has been getting loads of attention from the media as well. The reason for much of attention being given to the law of attraction might either be the series of book “the secret” or the movie with the same name. Ever since the concept grew much on the internet and other places, people have started believing in some truths and some myths about the same. A mobile application known as the law of attraction app has also been launched which governs the same principle. Here are few myths about law of attraction that most people believe in.

It is supernatural

There is nothing of supernatural sort associated with the law of attraction. It is due to the fact that individuals today are not much aware of the limitless potential, the law of attraction and the possibilities offered by the same seems some kind of a magic and they therefore, regard it as supernatural. The law of attraction isn’t the concept of wanting something and wishing for it with all your heart and achieving it instantly. Law of attraction is simply to stay positive and keep yourself open to positivity.

It is learnt

Another very faulty myth that people blindly believe in that the law of attraction is something that can be learnt over time. People believe that in order to get the most sorted and fortunate life you are required to learn the law of attraction. People believe it to be a quick quick-fix scheme which it surely is not. It is important to understand that this is the ever present truth of life and it shouldn’t be learnt in any way. It in fact cannot be learnt.

Your thoughts must be checked constantly

A major misconception regarding the law of attraction app is that if you do not keep a check at your own thoughts then it may prove to be dangerous for you. As the law of attraction states the fact that by controlling your thoughts you can change your life, a lot of people mistake it to be the fact that people need to track each and every thought of their mind or else they have a risk of a bad thought becoming reality.

The law is new

The law of attraction is supposed to be new which is not the scene in reality. It is not a newly found concept that is going to change your life with its magic. People believe law of attraction to be self help program which is going to turn their life upside down but it instead is an ever present concept which has been their ever since the beginning of time.

Law of attraction is a concept which popularised in the recent times. These are the major myths about the law of attraction and the law of attraction app which people have been relying and believing since the time the concept became renowned.

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