Free Tools to comprehensively test page speed

In the current scenario, millions of websites are running under different niches that always help people in various ways. According to the recent sources, digital marketing has become advanced for various purposes. Well, the websites are always containing the information for the people and offer a lot to gain knowledge in different fields. Instead of attending the sessions outside, people are looking for a smart way to learn and gain knowledge. On the other side, websites have become business for all nowadays. To make earning and generate traffic on your sites should have skills in you to develop.

When it comes to generating traffic on your site, it is important for your site to respond quickly. At this stage, people would seek SEO for the better result. One should keep it in mind that a number of traffic will help to improve more sales in a quick time. This could be the main thing where everyone should follow while handling the websites under any niches. In case, if your website page takes more time to load, then people may leave your page and jump to other sites across the internet. To bounce back, it will be difficult for you after a certain stage.

Increase page speed

Most of the people who run their sites may feel difficult to bring the traffic if the page loads slowly. To sort out this issue, there is a solution which helps the site to load the pages sooner than expected. If your page gets speed loading, then automatically the visitors on your site will start to increase in a short span of time. So, it is essential for you to take care of your site and speed of page loading. To make it simple, you can use tools which are helpful to increase the speed of your pages.

Know the reasons behind the issues

Before getting into the tools, it is necessary to understand that why the page loading time takes a lot. Well, there might be a chance of hosting issues. People who are running their sites with unreliable hosting, and then it offers its result. On the other side, building sites would be perfect. If missed, then there will be a chance of experiencing issues. Make sure to build the sites below 3 MB and build as small as possible. These are some of the things which lead your web pages to load slowly. In order to sort these issues, you can find the free tools to test the page speed.

Google Mobile Test: In general, with the support of tools, you can easily check out the speed of your site on your mobile device. We all know that most of the mobile devices are highly having 3G data connection. We could see that most of the people would get a better result when handling the desktop with the support of broadband connection. But we should think about the majority of the people who always prefer websites on their mobile devices. At this stage, you can utilize this amazing tool to check out the speed and fix it quickly.

Pingdom: It is said to be the best tool that helps to test your website speed which it offers. If you want to check the speed, then it is important for you to enter URL as well as location. Also, it will offer the performance grade along with the loading time.

Google PageSpeed Insights: This amazing tool is considered to be the best tool that helps to improve the performance of a website. It also has the addition of snapshot technology, data visualization, filtering and tagging. It always helps to offer the best browsing experience to the visitors. Google PageSpeed Insights tools outline all the points out as well as current optimization factors. This amazing tool helps to show the speed in both the desktop and mobile devices.

These are some of the tools where you can use it for checking the speed of your website’s page loading. With the support of these tools, you can start to know the speed and fix the issues quickly to generate more traffic on your websites. If your pages are started to face the speed loading, then the result of earnings and traffic would be massive for sure.

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