People, who have iPhones or for that matter any mobile devices take their devices wherever they go. Sometimes this causes iPhones to get damaged. It may happen that the person might be distracted and the iPhone may slip from his hands. Now the falling of the iPhone on a regular surface is a common problem and can be repaired easily. The main problem occurs when the iPhone falls into the water.

The water-damaged iPhone requires iPhone parts to be replaced. Many people have no idea how to save their iPhones when they are dropped in water. Some instructions are not known to people, and even if they know the instructions, they tend to not follow them. This causes more damage to the iPhone.

Two major damages are caused due to the iPhone falling in the water. The first major damage is the electrical short circuit. This freeze the whole system of the iPhone. The second major damage is corrosion. The corrosion occurs due to the water evaporation taking place after the phone is taken out of the water. The water evaporation leaves small particles inside the phone, causing the corrosion. Even after keeping the mobile in rice, it does not help as the corrosion still takes place inside your iPhone.

Things to consider when iPhone is water-damaged:


Do not attempt to turn it on-

The current flows through your iPhone when you turn it on. This causes more electrical damage. It is better not to attempt to turn your iPhone back on instantly.

Do not put it in the bag of rice-

The iPhone, if put in the bag of rice, may cause corrosion as mentioned above. The small particles with the water remain inside the iPhone and cause corrosion. If the iPhone is kept in a bag of rice, it may cause further corrosion to the internal board.

Take it to the service center as fast as possible-

The best way to save your iPhone is to give it to the professionals. They know what is to be done when the iPhone when it is water-damaged. The service centers offer free water diagnostic as soon as possible if the iPhone is brought to them when it is still wet. The sooner the iPhone is taken for service; the better is the process for cleaning the residue that might settle inside the iPhone, causing the corrosion.

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The most common mistake made by people is they keep their iPhones in a bag of rice. Even after being aware that this is not good for mobile devices, several people still use those methods instead of taking the iPhone to the service centers.

The only way to save your water-damaged iPhone is by taking them to the service centers. The service centers replace the iPhone parts that are damaged and repair your iPhone. This helps in saving your iPhone and it is the same for other mobile devices as well. Also, you can buy the iPhone parts online by getting in touch with a reliable distributor.

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