Learn How to Create Your Own App!

Is it possible that someone who does not understand programming can create their own application? Fortunately, this process became more democratic. Do you want to know why? We’ll talk about this article! 

How to create an application without understanding programming?

Although many people want to create their own applications, this is not an easy task. The reason is the need for knowledge in programming language and design. In addition, you need to understand how to enter the tool in the virtual stores and have some marketing notions for the launch.

Thinking of this audience, “application factories ” were created that provide the resources needed to create mobile software. Through this help, some developers have been able to create applications that are very successful. Sites that provide this type of service generally offer a free option for creating applications. However, the user agrees with the appearance of some advertisements in his tool.

A disadvantage of the free versions is that the application is not hosted in the most famous online stores like App Store and Google Play. So, if your creator wants your app to have higher visibility, you’ll need to pay a fee that, depending on the site, is not too expensive. Before we delve deeper into the platforms that help you build mobile software, we’ll help you decide what kind of app to create. 

What kind of application to create?

Choosing the type of application that will be developed is a step that should be analyzed calmly. Otherwise, you can produce a tool with no practical purpose.

The best thing to do is to create software that has to do with something that you like and, as a consequence, understands the subject. If the motivation of your choice is financial only, you may build an application that involves a theme you do not know, and your content will be irrelevant. Without taking this into account, it may end up becoming just another application in the virtual store.

There are many options for themes in application factories, for example:

  • News
  • entertainment
  • education
  • events
  • companies
  • guides and catalogs
  • aesthetic etc 

What platforms are available for creating applications?

After deciding what type of application, it will develop, it is time to learn about some platforms that will help in developing the tool. 


This platform aims at communication, since it allows the creator to develop their own social network. Pretty cool, do not you think? If you already have a logo, you can import it into your application. Managing the application is very simple. For this, the user can access it through the site of the platform through its login and password. After the creation, the App2Salles team itself publishes in the virtual stores. 

Shout out

ShoutEm offers complete content management and has excellent engagement features. There are also powerful monetization options that allow you to create a revenue stream that includes: signatures, coupons, and deals.  In addition, the platform uses the seamless publishing process, which is a robust solution that meets most technical system requirements. The application can be integrated with other sources of information like: Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Foursquare and many others.  The content can be updated in real time and updates are done regularly automatically. 

Good barber

A very interesting aspect of the Good Barber platform is that in addition to providing the native applications, the developer has a free mobile version available so that the users of the software can access it through the browser of their electronic device. Another advantage is the visual feedback provided by the platform every time the creator chooses to make adjustments to your application. There is also a function that allows interaction with the audience that uses the tool. In this way, user becomes a contributor, being able to send videos, photos and articles. 


This is a very intuitive system. Those who do not know how to create an application will have little difficulty with the platform. AppMachine uses the drag-and-drop feature and so it is possible to make a combination of various building blocks that offer a variety of functions.  Among them: photos, videos, information, application connection with social networks and virtual stores. In addition, you can test the application during its construction through your computer or any electronic device. After finalizing its mobile software, AppMachine takes care of its publication, promotion and also analyzes its performance with the users. 


For those who wish to have an e-commerce experience, BiznessApps is the most suitable platform. It provides many features aimed at e-commerce such as: food orders, loyalty programs, shopping carts, etc. The content of the application is very dynamic and offers the possibility of integration with third parties. The platform is very easy to use as there are several pre-built models that can be used. In a matter of minutes your application is created!

To assist in this process, different mobile app developers in Dubai provides several weekly webinars and many tutorial articles. If the creator wants, you can update or modify anything within the app instantly, without having to make a long update through the virtual stores. 


For fans of games that want to create their own application, GameSalad helps with this task. Due to its simple interface, it is possible to start creating a game without any programming knowledge.  Through a platform forum, the creator can take your questions and get advice from various game designers. With the resources available, the user manages to create the game’s actors, scenes, images, sounds and more.

Final Considerations

It is always recommended to add details to your app like your blog, latest news and articles, photo galleries and videos. There are interactive options such as message boards, chat rooms, and classified ads. Store products within your own app through the Catalog function and music library, which help you monetize your app. There is even a fully customized HTML 5 tab that we like to call a “blank frame” – the functionality of this tab is your own decision.  The design of your app is your decision, and you can add as many tabs as you want. There are several ways to expose your content. All apps instantly have a preview in our own store for Android, and just like an HTML5 website – instantly. Your users and fans can start using your app on the same day. If you choose any of our paid distribution plans, then your app will simultaneously be sent to the Google Play store, iTunes App Store, and any other choice of you from other premium app distribution partners around the world.

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