Technical Skills for Development of Optimized Cakephp Based Websites

CakePHP is one of the popular and commonly used open source web framework used for developing and building web applications. It is simple, user-friendly and requires less coding that has made it a popular platform. It helps in developing the web applications that are customized and suitable for all niches.

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With the use of PHP framework, the web applications can be designed based on MVC architecture. It is used by some of biggest websites for the ease of operation and management. However a certain degree of technical expertise is required for developing a highly professional website using PHP framework.

1) Experience and understanding of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

It is recommended to hire developers who possess certain skill set. In order to hire cakePHP developers, they must have good and sound knowledge of coding and programming. These skills are necessary for customizing the website as per the requirement of the client and subject of the website.

With proper knowledge of HTML and PHP coding, it becomes easy to design the web pages. The developers must have expert knowledge about the codes to be integrated into the website while it is being developed. It helps in designing not only customized landing page but an easily navigable website.


2) Know about AJAX support and its use


AJAX support is a strategic web development technique that helps in developing asynchronous web applications. As you hire CakePHP developers India, the experts with knowledge about AJAX is advantageous to the overall development and designing of the website. Although it is not very commonly used but still have many advantages.

It helps in reducing the travel of the traffic between the client and the server. It allows higher speed and performance by the website with greater response time. There is number of ad-ons that can be used along with the AJAX system. Sound knowledge of the same helps in convenient website designing.

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3) Database concept and management

As a developer of the website, it is important for developers to have a sound strategy in the management of the database. It is a collection of data resources and information and helps in better management of the website. The developer must know the basics of the database system and ways to integrate PHP rightly.

The PHP database can be integrated appropriately with the basic management tools for smooth operation and function of the website. There is a number of database management tools like MySQL, MongoDB and Oracle etc. that can be used for integrating the database. This helps in better work co-ordination.

4) Better Networking 

As developers, it is simply not enough to just design the website until and unless it is marketed well which requires good networking. Networking is one of the best ways to set up a website that is well marketed and targeted towards specific audience for growth and visibility.

It is important that the developers integrate social media platforms with the website so that it is actively connected to multiple platforms. The professional developers help in connecting the social media platforms to the website so that it is easy to share things around.


5) SEO optimization and driving high traffic 

A website is not worth the effort and investment until and unless it is not optimized for SEO. It is one of the most integral aspects as it helps in higher ranking of the website on search engine. There are many elements of SEO that the developer must be aware of.

The CakePHP development company India must stay updated with all the latest algorithms that are used in the development of the SEO optimized website. A company must use white hat strategies to build organic traffic and reach the targeted audience. SEO is an integral aspect of any website development.

6) Backend maintenance, performance, and security

As a developer, it is important that the professionals manage the back-end of the website efficiently. While developing the website, there might be technical glitches that immediately need to be taken care of. The speed of loading the website and overall performance must be well managed by the professional developers.

The security of the website is also very important. If it is an e-commerce website or any website that requires payment gateway integration, the site must be highly secured with layers of encryption. The maintenance, regular updates, and security of the website are technical aspects of developing a website.

CakePHP is an open source platform for developing the web pages that are built on MVC architecture. It is an easy to use and simple platform that has helped and supported many websites from different niches. The professional developers help in setting up user-friendly CakePHP based website.

While choosing the developers it is important to keep in account their experience and skills. It is highly recommended to hire a professional developer for a customized website that is user-friendly, responsive, aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. The website must be SEO optimized and also for operation speed.

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