Technology in Agricultural Sector

Agriculture and farming are considered to conventional methods of earning a living which is not on the Wishlist or objective of any new aspiring child. No one when growing up would like to take farming as a profession just because of the fact that an impression has been created of it being a job with too much of hard work and too little of income. These perceptions pan around not only for the profession of farming but also spread out to the some of the most basic professions just like mining or livestock farming. This is not especially true as when looked upon in hindsight and in a broader picture, farming is at least one of the most profession if not the most basic of professions there is. This is because it gives us the most wanted of our desires, which is food and nourishment. So, called perceptions of farming only being a villager’s profession should be changed and equal importance should be given to it in schools and in student’s life. Farmers should be celebrated equally as some of the sportsmen and artists are cheered, indicating to students that farming is an important profession that is very crucial to nourishment and growth of not only a particular family but whole countries and across continents.

Especially with the kind of research and technology that has been put into the agricultural sector, farming has become more of a productive job with many of its hard, taxing aspects either cancelled out or minimized to a greater extent.

The investment in agricultural technology has helped some of the under developed and developing countries to grow rapidly due to the fact that their economy is primarily agricultural based and so investments in various aspects has led to an instant boost in their economy as well as a direction to their younger population to strive towards. Farming is now a very viable profession to take up as more and more technologies are removing its caveats and making it a more fun experience.

The main life source or crucial factor that is required for any area to be cultivated for any sort of crop is the water. Water is one such essential nutrient that needs to be present so that the soil that is being cultivated stays rejuvenated and healthy for longer periods of time and can yield a better crop result. In most underdeveloped countries formerly had poor and unconventional methods of irrigation which either resulted in underutilization of the land as the water supply was limited or very traditional methods of irrigation which relied on more than one external factors that resulted in a limited yield of the product. With the progression of time and technology, irrigation systems have been enhanced multiple times than what was before implemented. Newer irrigation methods involve the laying down of pipelines from distant water sources which maybe rivers or lakes and then directing those pipelines towards their fields.  This has been truly groundbreaking in terms of the impact that it carries to farmers. Abundance of water has not only let the crop yields to be more enhanced or better but also helped in making barren lands of deserts and rugged plains to be used as agricultural fields. In addition to pipelines, sea water has been made to use to irrigate fields as well. As seawater is naturally salted and not suitable for the growth of crops, newer methods of making it useable. This is where desalination plants are so important as what they do is remove all the excess salts from the water and making it viable not only for irrigational purposes but even for drinking purposes. Some of these plants are built with such great technology that they can carry out all of this function of producing fresh water using solar energy.

Irrigation systems are further enhanced by keeping an effective monitoring of the water supply which leads us to the actual data of water used so that effective billing could be done. This can and is being implemented using SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) methods. What this does is that it measures the amount of water available in reservoirs, the amount of water flowing in the channels, and the amount of water being dispersed across the agricultural fields. All of this process is done automatically without any hassle or human dependence. This when implemented properly can not only result in the proper monitoring of water but even a controlled outflow of water to desired areas depending either on their track records or their need of water.

Monitoring of crops using unmanned autonomous systems or more popularly known as drones is also being done in various areas. These drones are fitted with high resolution cameras and circle the perimeter of the agricultural fields and take images of the crops either at pre-defined intervals or real-time data is transmitted is to the control center. The images are then processed using digital image processing technique to measure the length of the crops as well as the presence of any crop pests or weeds that may decrease the yield of the crop. Monitoring the length of the crop lets us cultivate the crop at the proper time with real time assessment of their length and sometimes color to indicate the ripening of the crop.  Every other Mobile development Company US is making sure that it is keeping in mind this aspect of the business as well by creating easy to use experiences that not only provide convenience to the farmer but empower it for the betterment for his fields.

The crop yields are not only increased by effective monitoring but also some proactive measures that are taken prior to the crops being cultivated. This include the application of newly engineered and developed fertilizers. Fertilizers are basically tonics for the soil and different sorts of fertilizers carry different sort of nutrients. Respective nutrients are applied to the soil in which it is deficient in, which rejuvenates the soil and prepares it for a much better crop yield. Effective aerial management from drones could even help us in more equal and precise water flow through the properly laid pipelines and previously mentioned SCADA system implementation

Other factors that are being enhanced is the fact that with modern technology we can custom engineer seeds to our liking. As the seeds are the most basic particles from which the crop grows so any deficiency in the seed might be carried on to the crop resulting all of our potential investment into a big loss. So, examining the seed before implantation and treating its deficiency will definitely help us in the proper growth of the crops. These chemicals also include the introduction of pesticides and herbicides which are additional tonics that can be applied whenever there is a chance of an outbreak of a crop disease which might cause unexpected but irreversible damage to the crop. Every Mobile Application development company US is offering more and more services to farmers because they truly believe in the scope and future of this type of technology

All of these measures either have been or their implementation is under way because as most of the people at the helm of affairs have realized as the population of world is increasing at a rapid rate, the pressure for nourishment would definitely be imposed on the farming industry that is why all of us need to be proactive and should have long term goals in our eyes so that, under nourishment in the future does not incite conflict and eventually catastrophe.

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