The Might Tech Giants

The GAFA’s or the tech giants have greatly contributed towards building the economy and tech industry as whole. It is perceived that the future will be governed by these mega corporations rather than government. The Tech giants; Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon etc. have disrupted industries and are continuing to do so. The constant evolution of technology has urged them to explore horizons and untouched territories. The idea of adding value to the customers through innovation has prevailed among these giants. This will give you an insight on what these Techs are up to!

Amazon has always emphasized on offering the best customer experience ensuring that the product reaches the customers hands aiming to make life easier with a single touch. The idea of drone delivery was an uncommon phenomenon earlier, but a small Australian company used drone delivery to deliver books and that’s how Amazon got the idea. The idea was subjected to few legal and significant other complications which created a hurdle in the application of this project, though it is still struggling for completion. Ranging from Amazon Echo to its newest Dash button, Amazon Kindleto Amazon Prime, this successful giant knows it all. Amazon’s Dash button makes everything available at your doorstep just with a touch. By pressing the dash button, you can reorder from a list of products which are delivered to your doorstep in minimal time. Understanding the worth of digitalization, the advent of the very famous and successful Kindle in the market, captured a major chunk of attention of the users. Amazon has touched heights when it announced that soon it will be developing rockets, an idea untouched by Tesla as well.

Facebook is one of the largest social networking platform available to the users. Facebook has given rise to various small medium enterprises helping them flourish businesses. Many ecommerce shopping websites are using Facebook to position and market their products helping them build their brand identity. Furthermore, it has majorly expanded into the world of virtual reality and has initiated Oculus Rift. Artificial Intelligence has been the center of attraction for all the Tech giants. Facebook has especially launched it Artificial Intelligence research lab in Montreal spending extravagantly on it. Sensing a threat from young startups, Facebook shifted to major acquisitions like WhatsApp for $19 billion which lies among the most expensive acquisition made in Facebook’s history. Instagram was next, it was acquired for $1 billion. All these acquisitions and merges helped eliminate competition giving Facebook a bigger ground to play around.

Google Fiber, a search engine company, jumped into Telecom industry by providing speedy internet service in 13 to 14 countries initially has now conquered the world. It has also announced its virtual reality project with the name of Daydream. Google is working on the concept of driverless cars and they have also been successful in establishing an alliance on it while the work is still in process in which Google designs ideas and sells it to several companies focusing on the advent of driverless cars. Internet explorer is dead, and Firefox is dying, Google Chrome browser yet again dominates the search engine industry. Google earns around $1 billion on its every product with a customer retention percentage of 95%. Googlehits $44 per user through its Gmail mailing service. Google itself is moving towards open source network by making connections. One of the major example is our online searches. Google makes money through our online searches, it makes the best use of consumer analytics and makes the search results better each time. This leads to value creation attracting a large pool of users like a magnet.

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